You can play the game for free here directly in your browser. If you want to enjoy it fully with the highest quality and without the limitations of the web browser it is possible to download it for Windows for a small fee.

"Pirates and Cures” tells the story of the adventurous and young Tameo, who sets out to save his village from a deadly disease. Rumor has it that there is a cure on another island somewhere in the great sea - however no one knows where. Tameo makes it his mission to find the cure and bring it back to his home village before the villagers die. To achieve this, he must face enemy pirate ships, algae, vortex swirls and lots of other obstacles. Take on the role of Tameo and search the sea to find the cure before time runs out!

Key Features

• Defeat enemies by shooting cannonballs

• Explore a newly generated map in every game

• Collect items on your way to become faster and stronger

• Maneuver your ship around obstacles of the sea

• Engage in dialogues with your comrades

• Fight your way up to the top of the high-score list

• Experience 2D-Animations, sound effects and music


Developed by Vasil, Yara, Maike


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There is a learning curve in the game. It took some time to get used to the controllers and the fights, but after I got it it is pretty nice.